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Private Online Live Classes by appointment Only

during COVID-19 Corona Virus Quarantine.

Please adhere to a 24 hour cancellation policy for any appointments.

Thanks! Message sent.

Private Yoga Lesson Options:

One on One Private Class

You'll be taught personally prescribed yoga postures with hands on adjustments that benefit and improve your strength, balance and flexibility.  Private yoga is especially beneficial to beginners to avoid misalignment or overall difficulty in group classes.  In a private session communication is emphasized and questions are encouraged  in a relaxed and fun atmosphere.

Generally the session is in your apartment, office, personal practice studio, or Eddie's select yoga rental studio locations.

Small Group Semi Private Class (maximum 4 people)

Semi Private sessions are similar to a workshop, giving students individual attention while working toward goals that will benefit the whole group.  This is a more affordable option, as the group shares the hourly rate.

Corporate or small group private classes (unlimited attendance)

Eddie Teboul "YOGA from MARS" classes coming to your office and serving a group of busy people who need to refresh their mind and body in order to be inspired and more productivity during business hours. (Available mornings , lunch hour, and after work on office premises.  Offerings include yoga and meditation instruction.)

Prices vary depending on distance, hour and regularity so please first send your information and a way to reach you by phone in order to schedule a time and routine that works best for you.

To schedule a private class or to find out about rate options, please send a message with the subject "Private Yoga Class" including your first and last name with your phone number via the form below. Eddie Teboul will respond to you promptly, send you the price list pdf of single class and prepaid class pack options, then schedule a phone call to plan an initial session at your convenience.


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