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Daily Dose Yoga

I am inviting you to a daily dose yoga class in the form of a Vinyasa verbal cue class.

Your video feed allows the teacher to give you personal as well as general cues in real time while keeping up with the pace of the flow of breath and movement. You can play music in your muted background or just hear your breath.

Join me on Zoom Meeting 7 Days a week at 1 Pm for about 40 minutes.

Meeting ID: 461 290 9205

Password: MarsYoga

Check the website Stay Øm schedule with links. The Sunday 2 pm class is a BASICS YOGA CLASS, the rest of the week including Sunday is an open Led Ashtanga inspired class.

Make sure to set up your camera so you can be seen performing and ready to physically respond to cues I give while looking at you from my end.

(Donation based class. Suggestion $5 per 30 minutes).




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