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H A I R  O N  M A R S

       G A L L E R Y

I started my life as a schoolboy in Geneva, Paris and London, who eventually followed a careers as a creative hairstylist for fashion editorial. I had a hair Guru named Julien D'Ys who I felt wasn't a hairdresser but nothing less than a hair messiah @juliendys. He influenced my sense of beauty and harmony in a non boring sequence of events, the same way I felt inspired by David Live and David Bowie, coincidently the three men who had such an impact on my discovery of innate similar tastes, looked all three alike. (Out of the three, two are still living in their early 60's). I feel that everything we do in life is similar to our signature stamp of voice and vision. The day I came to my first yoga class I was as confused and uncomfortable as the next person, but like having a clear knowledge of hair and depth of field, I pursued yoga and the science of teaching it to others until I could teach almost with my eyes closed, like I feel I can do hair without complications nor obstacle on the way to achieve a perfect balance between my vision and the vision of the other person nearby.

I can come to give you a hair consultation, a haircut or style your hair, (no coloring), at your home or office location in New York City. beyond New York is possible and requires planning and traveling expenses.

Base Rate for Haircut is $200 (variations based on individuals, frequency and specific styles.)

contact me directly. 1-(646) 732-5772 New York NY USA

(Look Up Eddie Teboul Hairstylist on Google to see Fashion editorial work of mine.)

Eddie Teboul

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