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New York City USA

Eddie Teboul
aka Amrtãnanda

French born, NYC Yoga Teacher

Eddie Teboul inspires his students both energetically and physically. He teaches in the Hatha Vinyasa Yoga tradition with hands on adjustments and a dose of humor. 

Eddie's style is sparkled by 1970's music artists and trends of the pop art counter culture portrayed through eccentric images and song lyrics.  

Eddie approaches yoga philosophy metaphorically shaping doorways of perception beyond technological weapons of mass distraction, confusing our endeavor to realize our own worth and the human potential.

"Through the linking mechanism of breath, sound, and movement, we can quiet the recorded mind and perceive instantaneous new thoughts, generated within the immediacy of the moment through our basic and subtle senses." 

(Eddie Teboul)








Eddie Teboul has been a dedicated student of the famous American yogi David Life since 2001.

In 2007 Eddie graduated the residential 300 Hours Jivamutkti Yoga Teacher Training certification, followed by a one year mentorship at the NYC Jivamukti location with advanced senior yoga teacher Nicole Nichols (Narayani). Eddie upgraded to a certified 800 hours Jivamukti method yoga teacher with mention and recognition for his skills leading from the seat of a teacher, blending eclectic music, giving efficient personalized posture assists, and a strong understanding of philosophy. His sequencing of posture flow for specific and beneficial purposes in each class where all students of different abilities find the level of the class adapted to them regardless of injuries or need for modifications.

In addition he is a 500 hours experienced registered yoga alliance teacher. (500 hours E-RYT)

Between the years 2007 to 2022, Eddie has been leading daily group classes at PURE YOGA, EQUINOX ,THE YOGA ROOM, SACRED SOUND YOGA, ALO YOGA,TELLURIDE YOGA FESTIVAL and leads the YOGA from MARS style training, workshops and events.

As of April 2022, Eddie joined colleagues and friends ex "Pure Yoga" Ashtanga teachers Scott and Jamie Harig of the Manju Jois lineage, (steps away from the previous Studio), at the opening of a shared space in their new Studio located at 239 West 72nd Street, New York City.

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"In 2001 after the terrible events of 911, I met and became a fan of whom I called "The thin white Duke" of Yoga. 

Once around 2002, I attended one of his Jivamukti Yoga Center charity event for animal rights and I donated a bunch of money to the charity. In exchange I could chose to be photographed with him like on his "Art of Yoga" book , or get a few free yoga classes. I picked a photo-shoot featuring me and Yogi Stardust, the rebel yogi who turned to face the strange of .changes.

Six years later he officially certified me as a yoga teacher, with thumbs up encouragements. 

The duke is cool and he is undoubtably a major part of which controlled my practice to ground my own way out of spaced out land. Even if our paths and visions are different in appearance and statements today, our charismatic side and intention are very much alike. Simplicity-Peace-Meaningfulness-Love-Equanimity-Musicality-Art-Compassion-Humor-Happiness for All. I'm a strong believer that what we admire in another is merely the mirror of what we in ourselves are seeing through the outside and everything we like or dislike is coming from our own perspective and state of mind at a given time. What we like we should keep and what we don't like we can change and recycle to something that is beneficial and useful for ourselves and others." -E. Teboul-


"I don't know where I am going from here, but I promise it won't be boring."   

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